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ISBN: 960-422-192-2
Size: 14x21 • Pages: 536

4 th Century, A.D. Emperor Theodosius has proclaimed Christianity as the official religion of the empire. Petros Anagnostis, returns to Alexandria, bearing with him an order by the patriarch, Cyril, to organize a group of five hundred monks in order to persecute Jews and national away from all kinds of power and social activity, before he could establish Christianity in the city.
The city is sinking in the wine of pubs, women offering pleasure in the streets, superstitions in abundance, philosophical differences everywhere, conspiracies and betrayals in fanatic religious battles, murderous and atrocious persecutions of the national.
In the midst of all this corruption, Hypatia, a woman who is dedicated to Greek ideals, teaches the inexhaustible Greek spirit in the universities, in the streets and at her home. This serious responsibility does not bereave her of her woman's instinct, and she finds the man who would be both her man and friend in the person of the Christian Deputy Prefect, Orestes.
The strong platonic relationship that develops considers between Orestes and Ypatia, disturbs the Church, which considers her responsible for the negative stance which Orestes takes against the Christian community and soon enough accuses her of a witch acting against its mission...
The Church accuses her of paganism - she is a national - and of being a sorceress because she engages herself with astronomy and mathematics.
Bishop Cyrille and his troupe of monks persecute Jews and national. They burn temples, destroy ancient statues and sacred sites, they conspire and kill.
The Monks capture Hypatia, bring her inside a church and let shell - fish dismember her. They wait at Cynaron for her dismembered body and limbs and burn them here.
After her death, Orestes abandons his public position. The beginning of the end of the ancient Greek civilization has just begun.

Dimitris Varvarigos was born in Athens. He studied painting, script writing, theatre and literature. The "Diodos" theatre group has staged his plays, "Guilt" - "Emotional Needs" - "The Dream of a Love" and "Love and Death".

His debut in literature was with a novel entitled "The Intrigue of Second Nature". He later appears with "Passion" (Omvros Editions), "Night and Silence in one Colour", "Women of the World", "Love is not Easy", "Dead-end Loves" (Dardanos Publications).

Angyra Publications has published his "Hypatia", a historical novel, and his children's books "Theodora, a Real Empress", "Digenis Akritas, the Hero who Became Legend". Two of his books in the process of being published by us are "The Last Emperor" and "The Great Uprise".

His book "Timeros and Astrea - The Secret of the Silent Country" is his first heroic fiction children's book out of a total of five that complete an anthology entitled "Sky" (Hatzilakos Publications).

Dimitris Varvarigos is a member of the Greek Writers Association and one of four founders of the literary magazine "Iambus".


Ulysses in hades

Ο Οδυσσέας στον Άδη

• Code: 30193 • ISBN: 978-960-422-848-5
• Size: 14Χ21• Pages: 224

Here is the story of a veteran actor, Giorgis Vellerefontis; a story that lasts a few hours, but holds for a lifetime. The first winter storm washes up a half-drown dog on the small beach below the deserted house, where Giorgis is retired to spend the rest of his life. Giorgis names him after Ulysses's dog - Argos - and, in his loneliness, he gets identified with the old dog convincing himself that that half-dead creature will win at the game of life. However, is it the dog that fights against all odds to escape the fury of death, or Giorgis himself who is struggling to escape from the fury of his own life?
Sitting in front of his "magical" telescope, immersed in an irresistible drowsiness, Giorgis sees all those mythical persons who marked his passage from this world parading before his eyes. A palimpsest of mythical creatures, endowed with the "magical qualities" of the human race...



• Code: 30153 • ISBN: 978-960-422-510-1
• Size: 14Χ21• Pages: 208

Passion, life-moving force, or even life itself. Passion weaves the stories, knits the situations, embroiders the emotions.

Bright and dark adventures, love and abandonment, sadness and happiness, sun and moon.

The heroine wanders in search of her own love. She names it Odysseus since only within the circles of his name love can fit. Sometimes she finds it and loses it at others.

Her name is Helen. Helen of Troy, Helen of passion, the controversial heroine of war. From an early age she has understood that life means war. She has experienced her father's abandonment, having thus lost her first Odysseus. Others follow. Women figures come to conflict with male ideals, sudden events shed light on a sense of playfulness in life, coincidences make her suffer and on other occasions give her redemption...

Together with Helen, Liza and Manos, loyal friends and fellow-fearers, struggle in search of their own search. They struggle with passion to conquer what the wish for. Finally, what each one of them accomplishes is that very surprise that life itself holds.

For life itself holds more imagination than literature...

Lambrina Marangou was born in 1961. She lives and works as a teacher in Athens. Her first appearance in literature was with a novel for adolescents entitled Footprints on the Sand, for which she received an honorary award from the Women's Literary Circle.

She has published literary articles in newspapers and magazines and is a doctoral candidate at the Ionian University.

Passion is her fourth book. Angyra Publications has published her book, Love Wears Wings of Silk.


I Shall Remember to Kiss you Tomorrow...

Αύριο, να θυμηθώ να σε φιλήσω...


Where does sadness go after having left our eyes? A question Petra asks herself. Memory is an endlessly torturing knife. Especially when you keep delaying and always saying, "I shall remember to talk to you tomorrow", "I shall remember to kiss you tomorrow". What guarantee for immortality can a lethargic life give you? A question Lola asks herself as an "Ideological Suspect" in the ‘pink pages'. Yet, people see only appearances. And, apparently, these women never met. Regardless of the fact that all of us hide a persecutor inside.

The parallel lives of two women who try to discover their lost selves, to redeem lost time in order to solve the enigma of the world. Petra by cultivating hyacinths, isolated in her rock house. Lola by writing small stories in an attempt to turn the past into eternity. After all, defeat has no other solution but to always talk: about secure windows that never open, about the woman who became a column of salt, about a man who is always drowning. Because you never know how you will be when the trip is over.

Eleni Gkika was born in Koropi, where she still lives, having occasionally lived in Athens. The only thing she has learned in life (and which she loves to do) is reading books at a mad rate. Out of thirst for writing, she also wrote: novels, poetry, short stories, interviews, articles and critiques in newspapers and magazines. A journalist who started at the famous Greek magazines "Anti" and "Fantazio" as contradictory as that may sound. She worked for ten years in radio and the "Eikones" magazine. For the last 14 years she writes book reviews and critiques at the Sunday edition of the "Ethnos" newspaper. She is editor of the New Greek Literature series at Angyra Publications. She has published nine books of poetry, two collections of short stories, eight novels and one volume of interviews. "I Shall Remember to Kiss you Tomorrow" is her ninth novel and her twenty first book. Someone ought to stop her...

Handgun in Honey

Πιστόλι στο μέλι

• Code: 30154 • ISBN: 978-960-422-509-5
• Size: 14Χ21• Pages:88

During the years of the German Occupation in a village called Aspropotamos, a powerful and beautiful love appears with the force of a natural phenomenon. A love between Elias and Anthoula, which secretly began during their tender school age.

Yet, nothing remains secret since "volunteers" are always available. Hence, the happiness on the moonlit clover in the shade of the walnut tree is disturbed by the sudden appearance of Anthoula's brother.

Argyris, invoking the honour of the family name, points the handgun of resistance and leads the two youngsters to a forced and humiliating wedding. He saves all pretences by totally wounding Elias' pride.

Will the powerful and beautiful love last? Will the idyll turn to drama?

Kostas Kalapanidis was born in the village of Palaeokarya, Trikala. He is a pensioner school advisor, and one of the authors of the book, MY LANGUAGE, as well two series of language books written for Greeks living in English-speaking countries and children who have moved to Greece from abroad. His History book was awarded by the Ministry of Education and was used as a text in Grammar Schools for 8 years.

The main bulk of his publications, however, is poetry. He has published 8 volumes of poems. Of these, his "Stavros, the Car Mechanic on Kallirois Street" received the "Markos Avgeris Award" and "Mr. Teacher" the "Kifisia Award". He has also been awarded twice by the "Women's Literary Club Award" for his volumes of children's poetry "Chatting with the Stars" and "On a Winged Horse". Seventy of his poems from three volumes of children's poetry were set to music by composers Nikiforos Rotas, Dion Arivas, Spyros Theodorou and others; eight poems were included in Grammar School books and his poems for children are taught at university Education Departments. His book "Pomegranate Tree, Three Last Names - a Town" is considered a most important one.

He is the father of two children and lives in the Argyroupolis suburb of Athens.

Enviable Refuge

Ευλογημένο καταφύγιο

• Code: 30180 • ISBN: 978-960-422-751-8
• Size: 14Χ21• Pages:360

Fresh as a chronograph, yet deeply wise just like the master of Modern Greek literature Fotis Kontoglou, the texts of "enviable refuge" always remain to the point.
Published in the "Eleftheria" (i.e. Freedom) journal over a period of two decades (1948-1968), these written works elaborated by the asrtisan maestro-Fotis focus on several issues.
A common feature is the fingerprint of the author's soul. Regardless he is talking about a cricket or the xenomania that had already started sweeping away everything, the master of words and religious painting produces writings that shock.
The book is divided into three parts. In the first one ("Enviable Refuge"), the author takes us on a trip among homely everyday things, while at the same time he initiates us into latent charms.
The second part ("Enviable Greece") is dominated by the grief for the vitiation of the Greek Orthodox tradition; yet, the light of hope is shimmering - a masterly sample of patristic grief and joy.

Ayvalik, my hometown

Το Αϊβαλί η πατρίδα μου

• Code: 30179 • ISBN: 978-960-422-750-1
• Size: 14Χ21• Pages: 424

In such short story collection, Mister Fotis Kontoglou recollects and records events and stories from his beloved homeland, Ayvalik - that small town hidden among the narrows and beaches of the envied Orient - where he spent his juvenescence.
Lamenting its loss, after the Catastrophe in Asia Minor and his arrival to Greece, he nostalgically talks about its "ancient people". With a spontaneous sincerity, he narrates the personal stories of such people - sometimes saints or some other times unsophisticated peasants; yet sometimes even criminals and bandits.
As a truly oriental soul, he often becomes a preacher of simplicity and artlessness. By means of his rich inner world he unobtrusively transfuses us with the soothing peace of nature. He talks about the secret serenity he experienced, at times seeking solitude within the beautiful landscapes of his homeland and sometimes watching even the faintest and most trivial appearances of nature and especially his dearest sea.
He successfully combines the oriental bliss towards the phenomenon of life with his reflective temperament, which often leads him to religious devoutness, when "the abyss of the world divine harmony" is revealed to him. Thus, his word also comprises the ecstatic voice of the artist - the hagiographer - which is humbly and effortlessly revealed before the beauty and mystery of nature.

The Donor's Heart

Η καρδιά του δότη

• Size: 14x21 • Pages: 344
• ISBN: 960-422-464-6

Desire gives rise to dream, pain gives rise to Life. The blood that runs in the veins of Antonis Etheriadis, is eastern blood. It smells like spices and lavender. Death and life.
Moments before he dies, his eyes having an expression that thousands of words could not describe, he donates his heart to a small boy. "Live", he tells him.... Just that.... "Live".
With that begins the boy's life. With a borrowed heart he is in search of Light and Darkness, Eros and Wrath, Love and Loss.
The clue for the past is a strong one. Experience becomes Knowledge and escape from the Labyrinth inevitable.
That's when the time to pay comes. The donor demands his heart back.
Time is unspeakable. "He owes his heart to the next person in need", he answers to the donor, and then a flower springs in fate's garden...
The flower of love...

Grigoris Chaliakopoulos was born in the town of Filiatra in 1958. He is an author, journalist and lyricist. He is a former publisher of the newspaper "Sense of Arts and Letters" through which men and women of the arts and letters were promoted. He has worked for the Sunday edition of the newspaper "Kathimerini", the dailies "Niki" and "Ependytis" and "Tachodromos", :Epeidi" and "Panorama" magazines. As of 2002 he is on the editorial staff of the "Eikones" magazine. His lyrics have been set to music by composers Christos Nikolopoulos, Nakis Petridis, Stefanos Kontopoulos and Philippos Peristeris. He has adapted lyrically theatre productions and writes articles for publications both in Athens and in the provinces. His previous book publications include poetry books entitled "Future Past of Today", (Tsapepas editions), "Ideas of an antique dealer" (Eirini editions), "The beams of a Porsche", short stories (Thucidides editions), "Set-priced Sense", poetry (Thucidides editions), "Theatre box in Hell", poetry (Dodoni editions), "Vulgar Moon", a novel (Diatton editions).





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